Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Speaking of Mods and Rockers...

 ...I just realised that I have yet to post anything about last years Mods vs Rockers in Stockholm, even though it took place in september.  That won't do, will it?

So here it goes: if you're reading this blog I'm pretty sure you are familiar with what mods are. And Rockers. (If not I might, and that is might, post something about that in the future - to be honest I'm not sure I am that keen on getting into the "what is mod"-discussion). You probably know what a Mods vs Rockers-do is too. But just in case someone does not know, here is a very brief and extremely simplified explanation:
During the early to mid-60's in Britain mods and rockers were the two major subcultures amongst young people. The mods rode italian scooters, liked sharp clothing and digged black american music such as soul and R'nB. The rockers drove british and american motorcycles, like heavy bikers gear and digged white american music such as rock'n roll. Needless to say the two did not get along very well. In fact they did not get along at all and by circa the mid-sixties the oppositions culminated in a series of fights and riots in british seaside towns during the bank holidays - most famously Brighton.

Ok - have you got the picture? Now fast forward about half a decade to today, when the mods and rockers have realised that they actually have quite a lot in common. The love of music and two-wheeled vehicles in particular, albeit with a different outlook. This has resulted in the so called Mods vs Rockers-events which takes place all over the world during which todays mods and rockers meet to settle the score, althoug with a lot more friendly attitude than in the 60s. The age of the participants might be somewhat higher than it was back in the days too, but let's not dwell on that...

This is basically how it goes down: the mods start from one part of town, the rockers from another. Somewhere along the way the two meet up to honk, rev their engines and scream at each other. Then they ride together to town to a place were "the stand-off" takes place. This might consist of a contest of some sort or simpy by counting which side has the most participants. Then, at night, there's one hell of a party where both mods and rocker have a few drinks and dance to good music together.
Simple as that and all in good fun.

This years Stockholm edition of Mods vs Rockers took place in september last summer and was probably the biggest one yet. I really don't know how many vehicles there were...does "a lot" count as a number? I won't bore you with details except for saying that it was, as it always is, a great day and night. Sure, the rockers won by numbers but when it came to partying us mods stood undefeated since not a rocker was in sight at the dancefloor and when I finally gave up and left the deck (I DJ'ed for the mods during the pary at night) at about four in the morning the mods were still up and about at the dancefloor. However, not a single rocker was to be found. They all went to bed a few hours earlier. Probably tired from all that kickstarting...

Anyone who wants to see a few more pictures from Mods vs Rockers Stockholm 2014 can do so here.

The meet-up. As I mentioned - there were quite a few of us.

My good mate Acke shows why smoking, unhealthy as it may be, can still be the essence of cool.

Song of the day:
Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Working

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