Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Record Store Day in 15 minutes.

As mentioned in the previous post Stockholms Scooter Premiere this year took place on the same day as Record Store Day in sweden (which for some unexplained reason is one week later than in the UK). A bit of a bummer, since that means quite a clash between two of my biggest passions - scooters and music. I would of course have liked to attend both, but decided to prioritize the scooters. However, that didn't stop me from visiting at least two stores that just happened to be located nearby Nytorget where all the scooters were on exhibition after the rideout.

I did not have much time to spare, and it was packed with people so I went straight for the 45 section and just flipped through it quickly. I'm sure I could have found a lot more if I'd have taken the time to search through all the bins thoroughly, but to be honest I'm not too displeased with the few records I did pick up. Plus, my wallet is probably pretty thankful too.

The very first 45 I looked at happened to be the official Record Store Day-release of Gloria Jones Tainted Love (yes, yes - I know some peoples opinions on buying reissues, but frankly I'm not that bothered so no comments about that please). Probably the classic of all classics on the Northern Soul-scene (and perhaps even the soul-scene in general) and the flipside Come Go With Me ain't too bad either so naturally it's one that I have wanted in my collection for quite a while. But, since you seldom stumble upon it by chance and I haven't felt like buying it from eBay or similar considering it's usually pretty expensive despite not being to rare I picked it up straight away.

The next one I decided to get was on the funkier side of soul - straight from New Orleans, probably my favourite city in the world: The Meters, People Say/Funky Meters Soul. Also an official Record Store Day-release.

As if that wasn't enough I then stumbled upon another Northern/Rare Soul-classic: Frankie & Johnny's I'll Hold You. Perhaps not as widely known as Gloria Jones, but still a classic I'm sure anyone with the least bit of interest in soul or mod will have heard it at some point.

I also left the stores with a bit of punk/mod-revival: The Jam, In The City and Secret Affair, Time For Action. In The City happens to be one of my favourite Jam-tracks but I didn't have it as a single and Secret Affair...well, let's say it might not be the best song ever written but I have a lot of good memories connected to it. That they where both in the 5 kr bin (which translates into about half a pund or a little less than a dollar each) made it an easy decision. The fact that I realised I already had the Secret Affair 45 when I got home is a different matter. One that I'm sure anyone into cratedigging will recognize.

All in all a pretty nice outcome after all, especially considering I only had about 15 minutes of spare time to dig.

I won't write more about any of these singles this time, but you never know - one or two of them might turn up in the "on the turntable"-section at some time...

Song Of The Day:
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love

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