Thursday, April 03, 2014

Chairmen of the board.

Would you buy a used scooter from these guys?

Last weekend the boardmembers of Svenska Scooterklubben (Scooter Club Sweden) were in town for a meeting, so I took the oppurtunity to snap some photos of them for their website which will be updated soon. The idea was inidivual portraits but in my opinion the group photo I shot while at it turned out better.

Song of the day:

The Lambrettas - Poison Ivy


vespamore photography said...

Very nice Ronnie, indeed a cool shot & good alternative to individual portraits as you say..

Mind if I blog this with credit & link back you of course?

Cheers - Paul.

Ronnie said...

Thanks a lot and yes, of course - please do!
Glad to know someones still reading after my way to long hiatus.;)

Ronnie said...

I took the liberty of adding you to my bloggroll by the way!