Monday, April 07, 2014

Scooterpremiere with Blacksmiths SC.

It's not hard to tell what Micke is looking at.

I live in a medium sized town in Sweden called Eskilstuna - and since every city worth it's name needs a scooterclub we started up a local such some years ago. We decided to name the club Blacksmiths SC as a way to honour both our citys history (Eskilstuna is famous for it's knives, axes, tools and other things made out of metal, and blacksmiths from all over the world moved here to do what they did best when the town was young) as well as our local speedwayteam Smederna (which translates guessed it - the blacksmiths). 

Last saturday we held our official scooterpremiere for 2014 to celebrate the fact that spring is here and the scooterseason of 2014 well on it's way, something every city in Sweden that has a local scooterclub does. With some backup from friends who drove here from Stockholm (whom actually showed up the night before to stay at a hotel and have a few beers - which is probavbly why some of us felt a bit tired during the premiere) and other nearby towns we ended up being thirteen scooters (I think) - not that many, but enough to turn a few heads when we rode around town for about 30 minutes before ending up at one of our favorite coffeshops (Café Norr) for coffee, food and chatting.

A pretty easygoing day and nothing spectacular, but it's always nice when good friends who share a similar passion for italian scooters and good music meet up.

Those of you who would like to see more photos can do so if you follow this link.

 Is this what they refer to as a "selfie"? 

Song of the day:
The Four Tops - You Got To Forget Him Darling

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