Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sinful Mod Weekend Gothenburg 2014 - photos galore!

Summer has a tendency to make you focus on other things than writing on a small blog on the internet. Especially if you reside in a country where summer only last for a little less than three months. There's just too many other, more significant things to do out in the real world during those warm weeks than spending time indoors in front of a computer screen. However, autumn is coming and things are slowly returning to normal so expect slightly more regular posting from my behalf on here now.

For starters: I began my summevacation by going to Gothenburg for the first installment of the Sinful Mod Weekend in more than a decade. Three days of spending time with old and new friends from all over sweden as well as the rest of europe, filled with scooterriding, drinking and dancing at all-nighters. A close to perfect weekend and a not just a little hard to describe in words - hence I'll let the pictures do most of the talking this time.

There are quite a few photos in this post, but those of you who wish to see even more of the photos I took during this wonderful weeken on the westcoast of sweden can do so here.

Round and round we go.

My mate Acke shows once again why smoking, unhealthy as it may be, will always be the quintessential of cool in a photo.

And my brother in Sweden Blues Scooter Club, Robin, doing what we do best.

Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors.

Mingling in the middle of Gothenburg. Mods, skins, soulies, rudeboys etc all as one. 

The Alloy Six treated us to some livemusic during the rideout. 

Well...why not? 

 Great friends and drinks in the park during a warm summer evening before heading of to the final allnighter. Hard to beat.

Suit up and get 'yer 45s out!

Dance to keep from crying.

Song of the day:
Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor

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