Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Lambretta Club Stockholm and friends go to Åland 2014.

This time of the year is always mostly scooterstuff for me. Surprise, surprise...
If I'm not of riding one of my scooters somewhere I am usually fixing something one of them. Or someone elses. Or at least thinking of fixing something on a scooter.

One of the highlights of the scooterseason is the annual trip me and my mates in Lambretta Club Stockholm (which I am, oddly enough, a member of even though I don't live in Stockholm). It is a really spontaneous affair during which we invite fellow scooterist to simply take the ferry over to Åland to ride, stay at a hotel and hang out. A few beers are usually involved too.

We have been doing for...six? Seven? Ten years? To be honest we have sort of lost count but at least it's been a few times now and it is always really, really nice. This year was no exception. The only downside was really the wind - not only was the ferryride over to Åland a nightmare (luckily I am not prone to seasickness) but the wind on the roads once we got there was terrible and made it almost impossible to control the bike at times. I have been riding a scooter for more years than I am bothered to keep count of, but this was the first time that I was actually close to stop the rideout and head back home to the hotel due to it just being to scary to ride. 20 scooters driving in a row, wandering over the road due to winds hitting from the sides is no picnic, let me tell you that.

Apart from that small detail the weekend was great, and the longer trip we took before boarding the ferry home on sunday, when the weather was a lot milder, more than made up for it.  Good friends, good drinks, some scoots and a portable record player is really all it takes.

As usual there are more photos for those interested, and they can be found here.

Out on the windy (REALLY windy) roads of Åland.
Hanging on the stairwell in the evening sun before heading out into the night.
Song of the day:
Billy Stewart - Summertime 

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