Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eskilsphenia 2014.

Eskilsphenia has now become somewhat of a tradition on the Swedish scooterscene. What started out as a small get together for friends has grown by each year, and now onto it's seventh year it is actually considered one of the bigger annual happenings with about 70-80 scoots (and a lot more people) participating each year. That may not sound much, but if you consider the fact that Eskilstuna is a rather small town with only about 100.000 inhabitants and only a handful of people into this sort of stuff it kind of puts thing in a different perspective.

Being a cityrun it sort of divides it's focus between the scooters during the day and clubbing at night. This year, as we have the last two, we decided to combine it with my "own" clubnight, The Melting Pot during which I shared the decks with Mamba from Malmö, Charming Charlotte from Stockholm and Eikedelic from Berlin.

All in all the event went well, without any major glitches (although a few small mishaps are alway to be expected). As usual when it comes to scooterruns I will not write to much about, and rather let the photos do the talking instead.

Thanks to all who came and to my colleagues in our local scooterclub, Blacksmiths SC, for helping
out in tying it all together!

Since I was rather busy organizing so somewhat less photos than usual was snapped, but if you want to see the rest of those they can be found here.

 My brothers and sisters in Sweden Blues SC were there too. Of course. 

Munken and Tjompen of Stockholm Mods posing by the scoots by the scooters during the rideout.

My partner in crime, brother from Blues SC and semiregular DJ -companion - Mamba.

Eikedelic made sure the dancefloor got going. 

And of course Charming Charlotte - busy on the dancefloor when not behind the decks.

Song of the day:
Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds - Love-I-Tis

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