Monday, September 15, 2014

On the turntable: Larry Williams & Johnny Guitar Watson - Too Late

The fullength album was released in -67, but the promo I have is from -76.

Ok. Here's the setup: Larry Williams, rhythm 'n blues and rock 'n roll singer, mostly remembered as the guy who wrote Bony Moronie and Dizzy Miss Lizzy. And Johnny "Guitar" Watson, guitarplayer extraordinaire, often quoted as a major influence of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa (actually, Johnny Watson deserves a post of his own at some point). Two bad boys if you like. Bad boys who were really good friends and thought: "Hey, we both like to have fun and cause a ruckus. And we like to play music. Why not record an album together?".

Actually, I have no idea if that is what they were thinking, but I would really like to think that's how it happened because it's what their album "Two for the price of one" sounds like. Especially this single, Too Late, which is somewhat of a classic on the northern soul scene and one of my favourites in the genre. A duet between the two men in which one is the guy who's woman just left him for another man (probably due to him not being a very nice guy) and the other one is his friend. The music may be upbeat, but the lyrics although funny in a sense are pretty dark and contains sentences such as "she'd done mess you around a made you an alcoholic", "don't need no woman to help me starve to death" and "you don't want nobody that don't treat you right - she's got to love you every night". Basically it's like listening to two good friends with dubious opinions when it comes to women and relationships getting a little too drunk and bitter at the local pub late at night translated into a song.

 Oh, and did I mention that it has a driving beat layered with strings?

Song of the day:
Larry Williams & Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Too Late

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