Saturday, September 19, 2015

Back on the road...

...for now anyway. And that goes for this blog as well as my precious -60 Vespa Touring - my very first scoot, and as such the one that in more ways then one started it all. When I bought it I had no previous experience with scooters...or any motorized vehicle at all to be honest, not even a moped as a teenager. And it was not running. So, since every mechanic I approached just looked at me, laughed and basically said "there's no way I'm touching that thing" I had no choice but to buy a manual and get my (back then callus-free) hands dirty. Little did I know that was the start of my days as a garagerat who not only loves riding but also fixing and tuning engines, especially those that are part of italian bikes with small wheels.

Since then quite a few scooters has been bough as well as sold, and I've come to ride Lambrettas far more than Vespas. But the Vespa Touring has been with me since day one and has stood tall throughout a lot of adventures despite it still holding it's original, and rather tired, 150 cc engine (which will likely change in the future since I just happen to have a P200-engine that is under renovation lying in the garage, and that just happens to fit perfectly in a Vespa Touring-frame). We share a lot of memories, good as well as bad, but not once has it let me down. Well, apart from the odd broken clutch- or gaswire, the brakepads locking up and nearly frying the backhub as well as the tyre and few other smaller mishaps. And I'm sure that quite a few adventures still awaits us in the future.

For those who wonder, Vespa Touring is a model that was specifically targeted at the scandinavian market. It is basically, but not completely, similar to the Vespa GL apart from a few minor cosmetical differences. I will probably do a more in depth post on the Touring in general sometime in the near future.

Anyway - for a while now my beloved Vespa Touring has been stood in the garage with a broken gaswire and some mysterious engine troubles that appeared to be carburettor or airrelated. However, I finally pulled myself together a short while ago and decided to give it some TLC, only to discover that it took me about a mere hour to get it running properly again.

So, for now the Touring is back on the road. Though, to be honest I don't know for how long since I have sadly neglected it for quite some time and there might very well be some new problems waiting to surface. Which in a way is very similar to my situation with this blog. It has also been neglected for far too long, but I have now decided to spend some time on it again. I hope they will both be running well for some time now.

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