Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Introducing: Surface Noise Soundsystem.

I suppose it has been impossible for anyone reading this to avoid understanding that me and my companion Daniel have been DJ:ing quite regularly lately. Since we now seem to have a few things more going, apart from over regular spot (called South Station Soul) at Södra Station here in our hometown we decided it was about time we got ourselves a proper name. After some heavy thinking and brainstorming we decided to go with Surface Noise Soundsystem. Surface noise, in case you are not into vinylrecords and are wondering, is a term for the sound that appears once the needle has been dropped, but before the music starts playing. We figured it suited us fine.

So, now we have a name and also a Facebook-page (found here) you are all more than welcome to follow if you like. If you prefer to see us do our thing for real the next chance will be this coming saturday at Södra Station, Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Song of the day:

The Originals - Suspicion

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