Monday, January 05, 2015


The year ended, as always, with Blacksmiths SCs traditional new years eve rideout.

2014 will surely go down in my books as the year when everything happened - probably the most eventful year in my least so far. 

It´s not only the year I decided to get this blogging thing going again (and still not doing it as often as planned). It's the year we got married. The year we travelled abroad twice (three times counting Ă…land). It's the year I lost my closest fourlegged friend, but then gained a new one. The year we rebuilt and renovated a lot of the house we live in. It's the year we went on a camping holiday. The year I finally got my Lambretta DL (more on that in a later post). The year I started DJing on a somewhat more regular basis again, arranged clubnights and some scooterruns.
And probably quite a few more things I forgot about when writing this.

It might seem a bit surprising coming from me, but as fun as 2014 has been I am actually looking forward to 2015 being not quite as eventful.

Oh, and this happened.
Photo: Elenor Kuhlin

Song of the day:
Otis & Carla - New Years Resolution

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