Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All that vinyl has to be put to use somehow.

There's been a lot of posts about music lately. Not very strange, since music has always been the number one ingredient in my hard competiton with the scooters and clothes/style. The latter two will feature more here on the blog but for now here's another musicrelated post.

I think anyone who reads this know by now that I DJ now and then. Both on clubnights I arrange myself and on others as a guest-DJ. Me and my good friend Daniel also host a semiregular night called South Station Soul which takes place about once a month at our local pub/cafe Södra Station. All vinyl of course - but there's no need in writing that out really, is it?

Not too long ago I finally got around to getting an account on Mixcloud where I plan to upload mixes or sets now and then. At the moment there are only four of them on there, but expect more in the future. A new one is actually most likely coming as early as tomorrow night or on sunday. Soul, funk, latin, ska, mod, grooves, garage, psych...I think you get what too expect. Since it's all vinyl and mostly old 45s you can't expect too many beatmixes (although some scratching might eventually turn up I feel like it).

So, if you feel like having a listen just drop in here:


Song of the day:
Willie Jones - Where's My Money?

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